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Join us for a special and unique trip to Israel in which you will feel a real part of the country. Guaranteed to be one of the most memorable enjoyable experience of your life. ATV thru some of the most beautiful parts of Northern Israel and go swimming in the most majestic waterfalls in the world. You will get to meet some of the greatest people that make Israel special. Meet a veteran that has fought in 5 Israeli Wars and be inspired. Cry with a Jewish mother that united a country when her son was brutally kidnapped by terrorist. A Refusenik that fought for Jews and Jewish independence behind the iron curtain of the Soviet Union. We don’t see Israel from a bus, we take Israel by pulse of the country… hiking amazing landscapes from lush mountains to desert, repelling off a cliff with most amazing views, paintball with Israeli combat soldiers, and indulging in authentic food from dozens of ethnic backgrounds and even partaking in a service project that will put you in closer touch with the people and how they live their daily lives. Share all this with the new and old friends that have developed over the 9 Sunday sessions.

Even if you have been on Birthright already then this experience will be a completely new one which you will be amazed and inspired. If you are interested in hearing the details please register for an info session to hear all the details of our next trip.

We have a Summer and Winter trip. Specific dates vary however:
Winter – over the Holiday season, Summer over the July 4th time period.


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