Participants in the Leadership Fellowship meet for a total of 10 sessions during the semester

The sessions will feature:

  • Interactive programing exploring major Jewish spiritual philosophical ideals, relationships, and inspiring presentations delineating the wisdom and greatness of the nation.
  • Meeting with successful Jewish leaders from across the Jewish spectrum. Speakers include: CEO’s of large companies, heads of organizations, and political lay leaders.
  • Two Shabbat getaways in upscale Jewish communities.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible for a free trip to Israel.

Program goals:

  • Develop a personal connection to the land of Israel
  • Inspire participants with a sense of Jewish pride
  • Enable participants to investigate many of the core spiritual/philosophical ideals that make the Jewish people unique.

Desired effects:

  • Fight the trend of assimilation (Current figures put Assimilation at 70% in the US).
  • Develop a deeper bond with Israel & knowledge of the greatness of the Jewish nation with ten motivating sessions and Israel trip.
  • Building young Jewish leaders that will be active in developing the future of the Jewish community of LA.