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Rabbi Alex and Tovah Landa

Rabbi Alex was born in Kiev, Ukraine and grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Alex initially worked on Wallstreet as an analyst, structuring and selling Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities. After studying in various Jewish institutions in Jerusalem, he received his accreditation as a Rabbi under the renowned Rabbi Berkovits. Alex and his family moved to Philadelphia and started an extremely successful program designed to inspire and imbue young professionals with a sense of Jewish pride. Alex is married to Tovah and they have four beautiful children. They are founders of the LAJ – Israel fellowship program.

Tovah was born in Montreal, Canada and lived in New York City prior to getting married and moving to Israel. By trade, Tovah holds a Masters in Special Education. Currently, Tovah is the logistical organizer behind LAJ and works closely with all the ladies on the program. The Landa's have a constant open door policy to all LAJers and enjoy hosting them!

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